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Safety edges are becoming increasingly popular with gate installers in recent years and with good reason. A safety edge provides a simple and effective method of protecting a specific part of the gate from causing a sheering, crushing or trapping incident. This greatly increases the likelihood of a gate passing a force test, but there is 1 more reason why safety edges have become so popular. They will not falsely trigger.

Lets compare a gate system that uses just current sensing with a gate that uses just safety edges. The gate with current sensing is sensitive across the whole of the gate, however it is much more sensitive at the leading edge and much much less sensitive at the hinge. This means that a large gate leaf will pick up more faults positives due to wind or other site conditions. Current sensing systems must also switch off the current sensing when they get close to their physical stop position. This is to prevent the current sensing system detecting the physical stop as an obstruction and is usually referred to as tolerance. These 2 factors (site conditions and tolerance) can make a current sensing system very hard to set up perfectly. A purely safety edge system will never suffer from a false positive but it can only detect an obstruction where the edge is fitted. This can lead to lots of edges being used on a gate, increasing the systems cost. Usually, 2 or more safety systems are used together to provide the safest possible gate for a reasonable cost.

In this section we will talk about the different types of safety edge available and in what situation you might use one.


MultiCT CAT 2/3 Edge

The Multi Safety Edge is an incredibly easy to use edge and one of our favourites, call us up and ask us what we recommend and we will probably start talking about the Multi. The reason is simple, you can use it as a CAT 2 or a CAT 3 edge depending on which system you prefer. They can be wireless and are very quick and easy to fit as you can cut 400mm straight off the bottom without having to open the edge to make adjustments.

bp IP67 internal NO 8k2 switches provide the best CAT 3 safety edge system on the market
bp Join multiple edges together for gates of any height or width
bp Fit a CAT 2 wireless system inside the edge
bp Cut the bottom 400mm off the edge without needing to move any internal switches (3 minute install time)
bp Comes in lengths of 1.2m, 1.6m, 2m, 2.5m, & 3m with an 80mm profile
Multi Safety Edge

Techno Edge

Just like the Multi the Techno can be configured as a CAT 2 or CAT 3 system. This slimline resistive edge is perfect as a secondary safety device but we do not recommend using this thin edge as your main safety device as it lacks a deformable rubber strip to absorbed an impact.

bp IP67 internal NO 8k2 switches provide a CAT 3 safety edge system
bp Join multiple edges together for gates of any height or width
bp Slim profile of only 25mm means the edge can fit into tight space


Techno Slimline safety edge

CMO NC Mechanical Edge

There are lots of different safety edge designs on the market but the CMO is one of the oldest and most reliable. Rather then using a Normally Open resistive contact, a Normally closed contact similar to a photocell is used. This has the advantage that the device will fail safe and is fully CE marked. The system can be made to be CAT 2 with the addition of a CAT 2 sched or wireless safety edge kit.

bp Fully compliant mechnical safety edge (CE marked)
bp Comes in lengths up to 3m but can be adjusted to any size
bp Add a wireless kit or sched controller to make the system CAT 2


Mechanical Safety Edge

Light Curtain

Light curtains are also covered in our photocell section and give a slightly higher level of protection compared with safety edges. 2 rows of LED infra-red lights fire in sequence to cove an entrance way. These systems are are perfect for fast moving gates or very large heavy gates where you do not want the gate to ever come into contact with an obstruction such as a vehicle or pedestrian. This is the only type of photocell which can pass modern health and safety regulations on its own as the whole entrance is covered making it impossible to reach the gate without triggering the safety device.

bp Light curtain can be any height up to approximately 2.5m
bp A 10m range version and 14m range version are available
bp The only fully certified device that can be used in isolation to make a gate safe and compliant


Light Curtain


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