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Hinge Guards & Internal Finger Guards

Hinge Guards could not be simpler, one 250mm wide strip of EPDM flexible rubber like material is clamped by two piecs of aluminium to the surface of the gate or piers. This shields the hinge and prevents people from getting hands or fingures trapped in this closing space. The great advantage is how simply and reliably it solves a problem that could only be remedied by the costly re-manufacture of the gate hinges.

Finger Guards follow the same principle but are intended for internal use. Statistics gathered in the Netherlands show that its not just small children that suffer crushing injuries in unprotected door hinges. A significant number of people are injured in this way well into their twenties.

At Gate Safety Systems we have always felt that a product that prevents accidents is preferable to one that reduces the damage. For this reason we very highly rate Hinge Guard and Finger Guard products. You can find all the information you need below for Hinge Guard and Finger Guard products.


Gate Hinge Guards

Health and Safety Executive Report: Salford Council prosecuted & fined £20K after child loses fingertips in school gate (4th April 2014)

Salford City Council has been fined £20,000 after a six-year-old boy with autism and learning difficulties lost the tips of three fingers when his hand was trapped in a school gate...

Sadly reports like this are becoming more common. Gate hinge protection is a great way to simply and cheaply solve these problems and protect gate users.


Hinge Guards
Hinge Guard Diagram Hinge Guard Diagram 2 Hinge Guards  

Finger Alert 110° Door Guard

The Finger Alert 110° is especially developed for the consumer market and the lower end of the professional market. It is a wide stripe for the inside and a narrow strip for the outside of the door. It is suitable for doors opening up to 110° and a maximum door thickness of 5 cm.order.

Finger Alert 110 Finger Guard    


Finger Alert 110

Finger Alert Professional 170 - 180° Door Guard

The Finger Alert Professional 170 - 180° consists of a strip for each side of the door hinge and two click strips. Two ingenious V-marks on the side of the strip enable to withstand knocks and bangs. The FA 170 - 180° is easy to install which saves you a lot of time (and money). With the click strips, they can be detached easily for maintenance.

Safet finger guard 170    


Safety Finger Guards 170

Digi Safe Door Guard

The Digisafe provides full hinge protection to both sides of the door and is suitable for doors opening up to 180°. The elegant but hardwearing aluminium profile ensures a robust long lasting product suitable for even the toughest applications. Simple and quick to install with replacement parts available. A clear perspex version for ornate doors is also available to order.

Internal Hinge Protector Door Hinge Protector Digi Safe Door Hinge Protector


Digi Safe Internal Hinge Gurad
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