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Some safety systems naturally fail safe, such as photocells or Normally closed (NC) safety edges. These NC systems fall under different safety legislation and are often perfectly acceptable forms of safety equipment.

So what is a CAT 3 system? Safety systems that do not naturally fail safe (Normally Open or NO) need to check that they are working correctly before they are relied upon by the gate system. A CAT 2 system will check that everything is working correctly before the gate system operates and is considered to be an extremely effective compliant system. CAT 3 systems constantly check the equipment is working before the gates start to move and while they are moving. CAT 3 is often preferred over CAT 2 systems, however we have been advised that both CAT 2 and CAT 3 systems are seen as being equally compliant. As are some naturally safe systems the use a NC circuit.

We monitor the Health and Safety Executives advice regarding automatic gates as well as working extensively with the DHF group and the Gate Safe group to make sure that the advice we give is up to date. However the information on this site only provides a brief overview and may not be applicable in every case. If you would like to talk to us about your gate safety concerns please get in touch.

In other parts of this website you will find information on products such as safety edges and photocells. If the system has achieved a CAT 3 rating a CAT 2 rating or naturally fails safe using an NC circuit we will tell you. On this page you can find equipment that helps different systems achieve a CAT 3 rating where they might normally be CAT 2, or not categorised.



CAT3 means that the product will continuously test its self before your gate system is operated and while it is operating. They accept a NO resitive input but give a NC output, ideal for upgrading old gate systems.

bp 8K2 Resistive connector
bp CAT 3 certified system


bp Single normally closed contact to gate system


bp Simple to add to existing systems with straight forward wiring


Simple cabled system for connecting edges mounted on a sliding gate to the control panel.

bp Non contact induction detector
bp Robust aluminium channel ideal for general public areas
bp CAT 3 certified
bp Fixing brackets will attach to most drive rack systems
bp Aluminium channel can be fitted at any hight on the gate to blend in discreatly with gate design
bp Post to allow adjustable height for detector


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